Get the Services of a Top-Notch Tempo Traveller

Do you want to take a road trip but don't feel like dealing with driving alone? You've come to the right place. Maximize your time on the road with the best tempo travel service. You can rent Best Tempo Traveller Hire in Amritsar to Pathankot, an 11-seater, a 12-seater, a 7-seater Maharaja, or any other 9-passenger & 1x1 tempo traveller rentals.

We have the largest fleet of luxury tempo travellers for rent. When you rent a car from us, our experts are here to help you every step of the way. Guests can relax and take every moment of their trip thanks to our stress-free car rental service.

Vacation Tours' per-kilometre and Lumpsum rates for their Tempo traveller are among the lowest in the industry. A 9-seater Tempo Traveller is an economical and comfortable alternative to car rental or hailing a cab. We're here to make things better for you by allowing you to bring your loved ones at a price you can afford.

What is the seating capacity of the Vacation Tour's tempo traveller?

In India, minibuses of the Vacation Tours brand are widely used for group travel. Vacation Tours' seating capacities shift depending on make and model. The most commonly distributed versions are:

  • 9-seater Luxury Maharaja Traveller
  • 12-seater Luxury Maharaja Tempo Traveller
  • 14-seater 2x1 Tempo
  • 16-seater 2x1 Traveller
  • 20-seater 2x1 Tempo Traveller

Including the driver, these are the maximum number of passengers that can be carried.

The seating capacity can vary depending on seat arrangement, amenities, and manufacturer customization options. Therefore, checking with the Tempo Traveller model or manufacturer for accurate and up-to-date seating capacity is best.

Tempo traveller rent tips

Getting Best Tempo Traveller Hire in Amritsar to Shimla is easy and cheap with a rented tempo traveller. Do you wish you knew how to choose the best one?

  • Choose a reliable company with good reviews: Only use a rental service with a solid reputation. This guarantees you a reliable car and a driver who knows what he's doing.
  • Ask about insurance and other safety features: Before signing a lease, find out if the company has liability insurance. You'll have to shell out more cash for supplementary auto insurance protections if you need them. Verify that there is sufficient liability coverage for the business.
  • Check out their vehicle before renting it: The vehicle itself warrants inspection. Check the vehicle's tyres, brakes, lights, horn, windscreen wipers and mirrors. Inquire of the driver if the car is experiencing any problems.
  • Ask about the driver's experience: Ask the driver directly if you have any doubts about whether they have sufficient experience. You can ask how long they've been behind the wheel, and they'll tell you. Also, double-check that the driver has a destination in mind before getting in the car.
  • Ask about the route they will take: Please inquire as to the specifics of the route they intend to take. Ask about their way, stops, and arrival times.

Get our Vacation Tours on hire services.

We only brag about the quality of our Vacation Tours with good reason. You can put your faith in our words. Trust only the best, Vacation Tours to turn your trip into a relaxing vacation. Our Best Tempo Traveller Hire in Amritsar to Srinagar have GPS, pushback seats, air suspension, a fridge, and WI-FI (on demand).

At Vacation Tours, our priority is ensuring you have a relaxing and enjoyable trip.

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